Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How to download Garageband for Windows PC

Garage band is an application, that was initially and exclusively developed for Apple, and it's iOs.  Well, it's the 21st century, so you have already guessed the importance of podcasts, and the exposure that the audio industry holds.
I mean literally no one reads text anymore, right? Blogs are dying, I mean not the ones that really have awesome content, or transparent data, but most others are. That's where Garageband comes in, and that's the reason I took to write this piece on GarageBand for PC.
No that's where the audio thing comes in, you either have to move to audio, video.  While editing, and compiling audio-video is not as easy as working with text articles, but then again the potential that these two formats hold compared to normal text articles is incomparable too.
What is GarageBand:-
I can go on blabbering a whole epic to you, but it's no use if you don't know what I am talking about, right?  So yeah before explaining to you how to download GarageBand for PC, let me take you on a ride to “Garageband- land”, and explain to you what exactly the application is.
Garage band is that awesome application, that lets you create podcasts, mix and edit music, and give them a professional detailed, and finalized touch.
Now just as I was saying that text articles are dying, that does not mean you can just take up a microphone, record anything in the world you want comma and you will get an audience.
In order to actually make a bit out of the full potential of the audio industry, you have to make your audio sound professional, and not boring, and that's what GarageBand does for you.
It has this awesome  list of instrumentals, jingles, loops, and whatnot, so bottom line? Your audio music podcasts are getting a makeover in minutes.
So no doubt, you are eager to download free GarageBand for Windows,  and worry not, because that is exactly what I am going to give you by the end of this article.
How to Download Free GarageBand for PC:-
Being so popular, GarageBand attracted enough attention to itself, that people had to look for other solutions then to buy an Apple device in order to make use of this awesome tool.
In order to download Garageband for Windows 7/8/10, you just have to head over to this link! 
It will take you to the BlueStacks home page. You might have couple doubts in your mind right now, so allow me to eliminate them. 
Why Should you Download This Foreign App Called BlueStacks?
I know you might not readily trust it, and your doubt is legit. Why should you just give a foreign app access to your system, right? So well, Bluestacks is not any kind of spying tool from the NSA or something.
Instead, it's an Android Emulator. The best in the market. And it's trusted throughout the globe. By saying android emulator, I mean it's the kind of app that creates a virtual environment of any other OS on a different OS.
For example in this case, you're trying to create the environment for iOs, inside your native Windows OS so as to get Garageband running on your system.
I hope I made that clear, right?
So yeah Download BlueStacks. Once it's downloaded, run it on your Windows systems. It will give you the look and feel of an Android device. So yeah it's like your computer just installed Android in itself.
So once you've installed and are running Bluestacks, click on the Play store button in it, Sign into Google Playstore using your ID's, and then search for Garageband.
As a matter of fact, you should forget that you're on a computer, instead treat it like any other Android device. So yeah once you've found Garageband, click on it.
On the Garageband page, click on the download button. Garageband will get downloaded on BlueStacks. I don't think I need to spell this our for you right?
Now you can install and run Garageband on your Windows PC without restrictions!
Final Words:-
So yeah that was it folks! That's how you run Garageband for PC be it Windows 7/8 or 10! Let me sum up the process here for you:-
Download Bluestacks> Go to Playstore > Sign up/Sign in> Download Garageband.
So see? No rocket science there, right? It's just a 5-6 click process, that takes around 5minutes to be completed. (depends on your internet speed, ofcourse!)
In other words, its like you're buying a new Android device (the emulator) and then downloading>installing GarageBand for it. Atleast your computer, internet and Garageband think so, and that's all we need, right?
Hope this piece on How to download Garageband for Windows PC helped. If it did, I'd seriously appreciate a share from your side. Don't you think this piece deserves that? 


  1. Garageband is no longer available through the google playstore. No search within the playstore using the method described results in a match :? assuming Apple have closed this loop hole?